What is the mission or purpose of your organization?
Your mission and how you uniquely meet a need should be clearly stated on your home page. If you have a positioning statement, mission statement, logo design, brochure, photos—any of these will all be very helpful to me so that I can get to know what you do, and how you serve your customers. Sites today can go far beyond a basic online business card. It can also be a handy way to obtain directions to your shop, contact people, hours of operation, whatever is important about your business that you want to tell others...24/7. So handy! For more about building an online marketing plan, here's a great overview, provided by a full-scale, local agency.

What are the short- and long-term goals of the site?
Your goals for your site may change over time. Some clients aren't thinking in the long term when they start out; they may have an immediate need to get the site up and running. That's okay. My designs are very flexible; we can always add new content later. We can start with just a few links and let things evolve as your business grows.

Who are the intended audiences?
Most clients don't give enough thought to the audiences the site will serve when initiating a website, what their needs are, and what will motivate them. This oversight is perhaps the number-one mistake made in designing sites. A helpful way to think about your website is that it should really be all about your customers and how you benefit them. What are the needs they have that you meet? What keeps them awake at night?

Why will people come to your site?
Are you selling a product? Do you have a unique service? Why will people come to the site the very first time? Do you want them to come back? If so, what will make them come back? Try to think of any other questions that will reveal the true purpose of this site.

Do you need a standard website or a content management system?
There is a difference. Here's a link to my blog, for example. I can add a blog to your site, or—if you decide to take blogs more seriously—can help you decide whether you need a traditional website or a CMS (content management system) like WordPress. Either way, I can develop for you. Trying to decide what CMS to use? Read this 138 page document if you really need to know.

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